• Rahul Mahesh


I see vast seas upon the horizon,

As I sit on my boat on the shore.

Aimless drifters I chance upon,

Looking for a dock to moor.

I seek not to find any further,

Further mysteries among this debris.

The thoughtless and broken dreams,

I collect in a jar left at sea.

I have no memories anymore,

They have set sail, adrift.

I have no precedents no more,

Of what once happened, of what I’d once known.

With each crashing wave I see,

I see my jar full of nostalgia adrift.

Flowing and ebbing to the edge of the world,

Where someday it’d sink.

Wherefore must I be now?

Now that I have none to see.

None to call and say I love thee,

Ambitions devoid, free from memories.

Familiar faces I’d see wave at me,

Familiar friendly faces these.

But seldom do I recollect the joy,

Seldom I feel the need to know thee.

I found myself shackled to dreams,

Dreams of the past I’d set free.

Yet I cast these memories afloat,

Just to forget what it meant to be me.

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