• Rahul Mahesh



I sit and stand and sit again,

I walk, talk to walls and the white sheet of paint.

I smile at the shadow that waltzes before me,

Small talk with ceiling fans. I wander around the street and look at things,

Things less, people more often.

Though people seem interesting from afar,

Their eccentricities screaming at the seams.

The need to stay normal and sane. I gaze upon the sunshine between trees,

The cascade of leaves on the dusty road.

The sound of cuckoo bird somewhere in the foliage. Cuckoos are a rare sermon these days.

I wonder where they have gone to,

To whom they may sing their songs,

In some land where the trees are green than dusted in soot. I see rose petals on the garden road,

I visit these often for some colour in my life so grey.

I touch them to feel the sting of the thorn,

Just to feel a fleeting feeling, how ever they may be. The manic rush before office hours,

They stand waiting for carpools.

Crisp white shirts and a stoic yet purposeful look in their eyes,

Handkerchiefs going in and out of pockets. I wonder what purpose feels like,

Like these birds, busy building nests on branches.

I remember my mother packing lunch for some reason,

My mind wanders in a messy fashion to these wanton thoughts. The security guard huddled near a fire,

A face I see so content in blissful sleep.

I stand and stare for awhile at that sleeping face,

Just to see what peace looks like.

I may not know his life, his struggles;

I just use him for that moment,

Just to satisfy my selfish thoughts.

No one minds me, they are where they are.

I am where I am.

Rambling near a window looking in at their smiles,

That pretty girl in the black dress biting her lips,

The meandering veins on hands of that girl in red by the bar.

In all of life I see in others,

The things I wished to say and do.

But that’s alright, I shall be here for now;

Under the branches of this Gulmohar tree.

The falling flowers in red keep me company. The breeze gently whooshes between the crimson.

I am fine and so is the world around me.


The art piece in the featured image is part of a series called Lucid Dream II Here and There by Johnson Tsang. It is brilliant series and the collection is equally magnificent. To know more of such works by the artist go to: https://johnsontsang.wordpress.com and https://beinart.org/collections/johnson-tsang

Featured Image: https://in.pinterest.com/pin/111464159515817264/

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