• Rahul Mahesh


Curiosity is what helps us grow. Curiosity in the form of questions we form about the things and events happening around us. This poem is suggestive of such questions my mind often forms. I wrote this poem on one of those days when chaos engulfs your senses and leaves you in the cold. The wall is indicative of mind itself and it is a timeline of how thoughts conclusively causes a breakdown in me from which recovery was one long road back home. I hope you find this one just as relatable as my other works.


Into these blank walls, I stare away,

Too many thoughtless stories I indulge.

Feeling lost at being left in the fray,

Too many thoughts, hard to divulge.

Into those blank walls, I stare away,

Loitering around the alleys of my mind.

In this dismal reverie I do lay,

My mind seldom rests,remain desolate in these daily grinds.

As my glances pass along the cracks upon this wall,

I see images of my life amidst these creaky brawl.

I question my mind, which creates thoughts so benign,

Is my mind playing the fool in these dingy confines?

The blankness of the wall in my life,

Seems so indefinitely cleansed and shined.

This outward grace, a bad joke on my strife,

A shroud to hide the truth, to make me blind.

Is it the mood of my thoughts, or just fleeting remorse?

For things i have lost, much more than those i found.

Shielded in my dreams, I journeyed the course,

To the desired heavenward climb, or was I hell bound?

Into those blank walls I stare in desperation,

For an answer I have seldom found.

Lost in transition, overcome with desolation;

Yet no answers I found, the wall simply crashes down.

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