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It’s amazing sometimes, to see how well pain can seize your mind and blind your senses. It makes you distraught, mars you of yourself, makes your being a burden on its own. I have been through pain, which stupid as it may sound, I have been there. It’s definitely not sweet sugar, this thing called PAIN! Pain, is like an avalanche; it brings down everything you hold close. It takes your individuality out of you, and makes you look like someone you were never close to, formerly. But when all that is over, the world around you turns numb, all you see around is the broken ‘you’. All of your memories, wishes and dreams shattered like mirrors smashed on the floor. This catastrophe changes you into something you never intended to become. As I picked up one of those pieces of the mirror of my shattered memories, I did not quit see myself in that. I had changed, leaving merely a hazy picture of my former self somewhere down the road. This monster called PAIN made me wince, scream at the world and even made me cry; but all of these within the confines of my own thoughts. We always think everything is fine with us and all of our life is eternally flowery, I guess it is human tendency. But, just a minor glitch changes all of that, simply pulling you down right into that deep, lonely cocoon. It is claustrophobic down there, despite your screams, wails and desperate kicking against the walls; nobody listens to you.

That is when the realisation dawns, amidst the darkness lies the key for the light into your life. All you need to do is simply find that key, that shall open the way to all your joys. It is time to shed all inhibitions, agony and frustrations, to get up and get going. I head this dialogue in a movie, I found it quite true in this context : “It’s not how hard you get hit. It’s about how you get up after the blow, and stare right at the face of it…”

All we have to do is JUST GET THE HELL UP!!! No matter what people made of you and the impression they created, you are quite sure who you really are. At the end of the day it is not who you are by face but who you are at heart that really matters the most. The good days might be long gone, you might be groaning and kneeling under pain; don’t lose heart just get up and rise above it. If you are reading this and you find yourself unable to get out of the pain your life has brought you, I have something for you :


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