• Rahul Mahesh


A post after a very long time….. This is a poem i wrote one rainy evening when my mind plays roller coaster. This is what everyone usually feels on such gloomy weathers, that one thought or memory which keeps crashing against the shores of our minds. I hope this one touches a cord. HAPPY READING!!! More posts to come! 

Time begins to fleet, days wander away,

Midst the chaos, the life does sway.

Ignorant to nights and these days,

The beautiful days seem to never have time to stay.

Beneath the shadows of these myriad days,

I see that beautiful face,

A face that caught my attention, and my gaze.

That heavenly smile, the charm never fails to amaze.

Even the slightest smile keeps me in trance,

Other worldly possession, now never stand a chance.

I still remember those beautiful days,

When your smile was the only solace.

When your hair swept over your face,

The way you pushed it away had its own grace.

The way you were there for me in difficult times,

The love you showered can’t be held in rhyme.

Beneath the shadows of those myriad days

I did see that beautiful face.

Though you came and flew away

I still remain in that mindless daze.

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