• Rahul Mahesh


He looked on with wonder,

The veins of his hands had turned black.

His breath took its time to find release,

As he gasped and panted to survive.

Multitudinous tubes and machines abound,

He lay there betwixt the pale white walls.

He felt his body sink into death,

As the stench of Death came and heaved upon him.

Oh the humanity! Why must you be so cruel?

Taking the life of a boy didn’t live too long?

Why must I believe in your God?

Stripping away life so mercilessly?

As needles pierced through his veins,

He only wished to live a little long.

But poor boy! You don’t have much to see;

Save the mellow light hanging above thee.

I watched as they tore up his flesh,

As they made way for something sinister.

As veins turned into wires and circuits replaced the soul,

I watched on helplessly, watching the surgical agony of a lie.

He woke from his slumber,

Bewilderment set upon his face.

I saw tears of joy trickle down his face,

The joy of knowing, Time had set him free.

As his eyes moved to his arms, I saw no joy there;

He could not see the black in his veins no more.

They had taken what made him human,

Taken his bones and mechanised his soul.

I can still hear his screams,

As I walk down these corridors.

The wails of the Tin-man as he thrashed for a sign of life,

He found none there that day, none to see him as humanity slipped away.

Regrettable days I have aplenty,

None such harsh as that fateful day.

The day when Man decided to play God!


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Featured Image: https://www.google.co.in/search?q=cyborg+robot+tumblr&tbm=isch&tbs=rimg:CcBaI7K9JvfEIjhKcOoPDe_1_1uiKqwQZaF9Ux0dr9YG57h1X5MddQAoiaiWs2CYp4bWGrXrbQLznGhlm0PTqf61uYZyoSCUpw6g8N7_1-6EQOn2tAFNFUIKhIJIqrBBloX1TER7Mrtcpj8528qEgnR2v1gbnuHVREgOklRT8LrbSoSCfkx11ACiJqJEZ5lYW0wcxgYKhIJazYJinhtYasRkDQWivzvOIEqEglettAvOcaGWRHhF8TYagzvMyoSCbQ9Op_1rW5hnEcKZW6pbLpHw&tbo=u&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiFqfPa4YLaAhUBqI8KHY1hCsAQ9C96BAgAEBs&biw=1350&bih=586&dpr=1#imgrc=wFojsr0m98SoCM:

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