• Rahul Mahesh


I stand at my window, look up to the sky,

The sky is clear, the moon perched high.

I look at the moon, as it stares back at me,

“You are so pretty, yet blemishes I do see!”

The moon retorts, “Yet you seem so lost in me

If my blemishes spoil it, turn away and let me be”.

I sheepishly reply,” In your beauty, I see none

None of these spots, my heart you have won”.

The moon blushes, its rosy cheeks so fair,

A second more, I may fall in love I must forbear.

“But why do you court me? For there are mortals prettier”

I was speechless, wondered what to tell her.

“When angels I do see, why must I fall for mere mortals,

Your beauty transcends godliness, in you the world I see.”

In her beauty I was struck a blow so fatal,

For this blow I ask no apology, no mercy.

As my thoughts flittered, I stared on ,

“Are you going to talk?”, she asked, ” the dawn is close by!”

I looked to the east, the azure sky turned red,

There was a lot to say too early to say goodbye.

For long speechlessly I gazed at the moon,

She too watched me, as my eyes began to droop.

The last glimpse I caught in a dazed swoon,

Lots of talking remained, yet words entwined in a loop.

This lyric is not to any immortal being,

Neither it is to the moon I was seeing.

To an angelic lady of my dreams I do write,

From whose beauty and thoughts I have no respite.

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