• Rahul Mahesh


Words lost in translation,

Minds lost in isolation.

Days spent in thoughtless culminations,

Nights spent in memories, felt elation.

Days fall into nights,

Years roll down, time flies.

People drift away, memories are  made,

There are many more words left to say.

Oh spirit of you that has gone,

I wish you’d stay longer than you have.

I wish to talk to you, open my mind,

Clear my thoughts from the chaos that abounds.

The day you left, a shadow cast upon me,

The next morning still seemed like brooding nights to me.

The days that followed would be loathsome without you,

I wish you were here, for I’d spend each day better with you.

In my dreams you came, with a halo above,

A glow on your face, like the majestic sun shown.

In that moment I felt peace, peaceful that you were content,

I’m still mad at you, yet for you I’d be happy. I’d pretend.

They say you are in spirit around me.

But I still miss your calming touch.

They say you have never really left me,

I’ll sleep now, in the belief that you never will.

Goodnight my sweet memory, goodbye my existential soul,

I’ll be in my slumber, where I forget your absence.

I’ll be in this amnesia, unmindful of your nonexistent ghoul.

I’ll stay in this rain, where my tears seldom you’d see.

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