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Welcome to CLUTCH.

In a time where mindless, pathetic excuse for music play through the radio, the minds of most millennials are lost in frivolous escapades. The escape that once used to be music is now being replaced by cronies of pop culture. Forgetting where we came from and what making music really means. I must admit there are some real good music happening around us, more often the obscured. The radio waves pander to none better than pop icons, you know who you are. Here, I hope to find music that actually means and sounds something better than what surrounds us. Consisting of reviews, discographies and music based movies, biographies and such. I hope you enjoy the ride and the sonic sound waves. We won’t be talking about monosyllabic, talent-less cacophony. We shall talk about the dirty, the groovy and the ugly side. The beauty that once walked this world, the beauty of knowing the rock gods for what they are. To all the sad souls, the aficionados and the underdogs. We celebrate the anarchists and the ideology of the broken souls.

Here’s to never turning the volume down….

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