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Will the Comic-Con <em>Batman v Superman</em> trailer make you bleed?

There’s nothing like some good old awesome superhero stuff!!!!

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Note: Due to a recent illness and a subsequent trip down the rabbit hole of the medical system, the blog has been silent for a while now. Since the upcoming World’s-Finest-movie-by-another-name is, despite its underwhelming marketing to date, my most anticipated film in years, let this (hopefully) latest bit of promotion mark a return to activity.

And this newest Batman v Superman trailer out of Comic-Con? Better. It has its moments. Have to love Bruce Wayne charging towards the danger as everyone else flees for their lives. Robin’s costume, covered with Joker graffiti. “He is not our enemy.”

Still wish this Superman was a little less dour, though. A little more sunshine, please? Just a little?

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